Privacy Policy


When visiting or registering on this website, we ask that you abide to certain terms of use. This includes the Privacy Policy of the website, which explains what information is collected from you and for what purpose. The below is a summary that outlines the essence of the Privacy Policy to make sure you are comfortable visiting our website.

Information we collect from you

We collect relevant information to ensure that you are a person of legal age and can be serviced by our company. This includes your name, birthdate, email address, local ID, one or more phone numbers, as well as your physical address and residence. We do not store your account password.

Using the website (visiting, navigating or purchasing) also means that your type of device, IP address, visited pages, billing information and payment history is stored.

What your information is used for

The personal information on your account is required to place orders, complete purchases and enter competitions on the website. The personal information is also crucial in case of notifications. These notifications may pertain to winnings, account safety, or changes in our services.

Information about your visits, i.e. your device and IP location, may be used to enhance and optimize your future experience of the website. We also use the information to make sure we can communicate with you when required.

You are able to set your own preferences for marketing material, while still receiving notifications including entry confirmations and results.

How your information is stored and protected

The company has made every effort to offer a secure experience when visiting and using their websites, having invested in high-performance technology with the sole purpose of protecting the information and assets of their websites and network.

Changing your personal information and preferences

It’s important to us that your information is accurate and up to date.

Some of the information can be updated on your profile, such as your physical address and telephone number. Other information may need to be verified before they can be updated, in which case you can contact customer support for assistance.If you want to change communication preferences, this can be done by you on your profile or by our customer service upon request.

Your responsibility in using the website

When using the website, it is expected that users do not download, reproduce or modify the website in any way. It is also expected for the users to be aware of any separate terms for third-party services or products that may be linked to on the website. This includes the option to share certain items on social media, which makes use of their own privacy policies.

If you have had your information stolen as the result of a data virus, worm or Trojan, this website will not assume responsibility for that. The website will however assist in preventing any misuse of your account, should you notify us of such an occurrence. In some cases, we may ask you to submit supporting documents to verify that your registered information is correct. To allow further use of the website, such documentation needs to be submitted as requested.